Mathieu Barnachon

About Me


I'm the head of Software development at Profoto (previously StyleShoots), world leader in the flash industry and major player in the fashion E-com business. I'm project manager for the Automation solutions for the E-com industry, extending our robotic solution for studio photography and video.

I was a researcher and software engineer at StyleShoots from March 2016 until May 2022. I've created the video composition pipeline used in our fully integrated studio. I've also develop the RAW processing pipeline, with the color style we apply. I've created the StyleShoots Cloud plateform, with fully integrated and customized tools on the IBM Cloud, Google Cloud plateform, using the Swift language. The technology stack includes Postgres, Docker, Graphana, Prometheus, and many other tools.

In addition to my main work, I've made multiple proof of concept using advanced machine learning, like deep learning, and other more "tradition" learning, like K-Means and SVM.

Before that, I was working for Ncam Technologies, on camera tracking and augmented reality in the Broadcast and film industries.

I received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Université Lyon 1, France, in 2013. I also received a Master degree from the Université Lyon 1, in 2008.

Some of my projects.

Presentation at Swift Server Side

Live machine walkthrough

See the Eclipse machine introduction

See the Live machine introduction

Ncam showreel of capabilities

Human action recognition


A draft from my CV

When Where What
2022-... Profoto
  • Software manager.
  • Project manager
  • Managing hybrid, remote and outsourced teams.
2016-2022 StyleShoots
  • Invent the Video composition pipeline.
  • Invent the Image RAW processing pipeline.
  • Create for the Cloud:
    • Custom event tracking
    • Cloud images and videos uploader
2013-2016 Ncam Technologies
  • Camera tracking for Film and Broadcast.
  • Real time augmented reality in free environments.
  • Final track: Film quality tracking in near real time.
2013 Post doc. University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Action recognition in office environments.
  • Stereo vision real time enhancements.
2012 Research stay University of Windsor, Canada
  • "One shot learning", in Pattern Recognition and ICPR.
2009-2013 Ph.D. Human action recognition from Motion Capture.

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